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Higly Experiecenced in Every Aspect of WallPaper

Color, texture, Fabric, Design – details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it.

Claudio Mascina started his business in New York City in 1988 working with interiors designers, architects, contractors, etc. Developing a well known professional service all over the years.

Since 1997 we moved to Miami, bringing our High end Quality and service to work with the same passion and experience. Father and Son are working together offering the peace and trust of choosingthe right professionals for your job.

At MC PAPERHANGING And Painting, we want you to Walk into Your Home Everyday and be able to admire the beauty of your Wallpaper Day IN and OUT. Wallpaper is more than just that, it is a form of Expression, Its a way to decorate your place in ways you never thought possible. With all the new materials and designs their are no limits to the Look you can achieve. So Let us help you make your Home The Place you ALWAYS WANTED IT TO BE!!!



In today's society we know how hard it is to find good and honest hard work. We at MC PAPERHANGING GUARANTEE A START TO FINISH DATE. No pauses IN BETWEEN PROJECTS.

OUR Keys To Customer Satisfaction

MC Paperhanging And Painting Corp.


Founded: 1988

Owner: Claudio Mascina

Vice Pres: Daniel Mascina

Licenced and Insured


Areas of expertise: High End Luxury, Residential Jobs, Commerical Projects.

Company Profile


The most important rule to us is to ensure we leave the JOB SITE clean and tidy as we Found it. No Left Over Glue on the Ceiling or Baseboards, as well Protecting any and all Furniture or rugs that might be in the work space


Our Knowledge of Wallpaper and paint allows us to Ensure the Most Effective and Fastest way to install the Paper. Every Paper is Different so a VAST KNOWLEDGE of WALLPAPER IS A MUST!!!

Licensed & Insured

(305) 926- 3334

President: Claudio Mascina

Vice President: Daniel Mascina

Phone: (305) 764-4772

Office: (305) 386-7546